RDN: The Organization

Bi-annually Research Journal is owned by Regional Development Network that is a civil society organization based in Islamabad Pakistan. The organization commenced its functions in 1996. The first area of intervention was the education sector. RDN is nation-wide network of civil society organizations, individual researchers, and philanthropists in Pakistan. This network aims to provide a forum for the professionals where they could benefit from mutual sharing of experiences, human resources and building a nexus of regional alliances for the betterment of the Pakistani society.
The main areas in which RDN is actively involved are Human Rights including Children, Women, Patients, Special Persons and Older Persons, relief work in emergencies, holding capacity building opportunities, and conducting primary researches. The RDN is also a think tank for the philanthropists where they exchange their views of various developmental aspects of Pakistani society. RDN also collaborates with social sciences departments in various universities of Pakistan to collaborate with academia in order to mutually learn and build points of agreements between RDN professionals and volunteers and requesting to fill in the research gaps regarding development in Pakistan by promoting the primary research trends via various Universities of the country.

The RDN network has also successfully collaborated with several national and international development agencies to enhance the experience sharing on a much broader scale. Partner organizations of RDN are also actively indulged in the development sector. Pakistan National Center on Ageing (PNCA) is a first nationwide organization that started working for the welfare rights and policy level interventions for Older Persons in Pakistan. Institute of Research and Development Pakistan is also a training facility of RDN where various training programs are tailored and delivered. Pakistan Association of Social Scientists is a professional forum that is operational for the promotion of social sciences in Pakistan as well as for the rights of the social scientists. Pakistan Association of Anthropology is another ardent member of RDN network that is playing its pro-active role in preserving and promoting the culture of Pakistan via the Social Media like Facebook and Twitter.