• It’s Fast Processing Journal of Pakistan

    “The Potential Author Shall be Informed About the Acceptance/Rejection within 30 working days”


    1. Upload your paper and submit to "The Explorer Islamabad"
    2. Make sure that you have provided all personal and professional details, and contact details of corresponding authors
    3. Make sure that paper is an original research and does not come under the definition of plagiarism
    4. Make sure the paper is in complete harmony with ethical Policy of the journal


    1. Submitted paper will be likely for initial review by the editorial board
    2. After scrutiny the paper will be shared with “2” referees for further evaluation by "The Explorer Islamabad"
    3. Upon getting positive report from referees the principle author shall be notified accordingly
    4. The principal authors shall be asked the rewrite/amend/make appropriate modification as per remarks of referees (if any)
    5. On the basis of expert review reports and revised paper from the principal suthor, an email shall be sent to Principle Author to conform the status of the paper.


    1. Charges are Rs. 6000/- for national scholars and 60$ for international scholars.
    2. Once the publication fee is submitted, formal acceptance letter shall be issued to the desiring principal author only. The acceptance will inform the Principle Author about the probable volume issue & date of publication of the Journal.

    The published paper shall be available online & will also be tracked down in the Archive of the Journal.

  • *Account details:

    For International scholars:

    Western Union
    Name: Adnan Nasir
    ID Card # 36201-0536742-7

    For national scholars:

    Account Title: Adnan Nasir
    Account Number: 0278007900105143
    Bank: Faysal Bank. (PWD, Islamabad)