Ethical Policy

The Explorer Islamabad believes in monitoring the all relevant ethical standards for conducting a research, including those appropriate to individual disciplines and those universally embraced by the scientific community at large. While complying with sensitive scope of this journal, the Editor-in Chief requires all the authors to remain respectful towards different religions, cultures, and philosophical perspectives. The Editorial Board will adhere to any and all published ethical guidelines by The Explorer Islamabad and will monitor and safeguard them. If any of the author is found guilty of violating any or all of  The Explorer Islamabad’s ethical guidelines then he/she will face dire consequences; that include the right to reject the manuscript  and the right to  contact the ethics committee (or equivalent committee) of the author’s institutions for appropriate actions. Authors also reserve the right to appeal against the editor's decision on the manuscript in writing to the Editorial Office. The Explorer Islamabad accepts papers on intellectual and ethical standards, not finical or political gain. The Editorial Office will also strictly monitor text plagiarism and obvious fraudulent data prior to processing of the manuscript for review process and if plagiarism is detected at this stage or latter,  The Explorer Islamabad reserve the right to reject the manuscript and it will not be reconsidered in any journal published, independently or in association.