Authors Guidelines

“The Explorer Islamabad” follows the guidelines of American Anthropological Association (AAA), and all research scholars prepare their manuscripts according to AAA requirement sheet. (

Authors Guidelines
Research scholar followed the standard guidelines of “The Explorer Islamabad” as mentioned below. Manuscript will be accepted only in MS Word format. Guidelines are designed to facilitate authors at all required steps especially for young scholars.

  1. Manuscript should be prepared in USA-English with maximum 3000 words. Qualitative research work will relaxed up-to 4000 word limit.
  2. Main text of the paper should be in text format-Calibri
  3. Manuscript should be consisted on
    • Title of the paper (Representative and Short- Calibri 13, Capital Case Bold)
    • Authors names with affiliations, email address along with complete contact information of corresponding authors (contact number, email address and postal address)
    • Abstract not more than 200 words
    • Key words in the range of 5-8 words
    • Introduction as an obligatory section of any research along with research hypothesis/objectives.
    • Material and methods: This section clearly defines the tools and techniques used to conduct presented research along with method of analysis
    • Results shows the frequency tables, charts, pictures with very brief title
    • Discussion explain the results in the light of existing knowledge and establish a link between your research and work of other scholars
    • Conclusion
    • Acknowledgement (if any)
    • References should be in AAA referencing style (both in text and bibliography)
  1. Article should be in double column single space format, See Sample Paper
  2. Scanned copy of Undertaking signed by all authors

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